Why Freelancing Is The Right Choice For You?

Taking a plunge into freelancing is very much like deciding which career option to choose when you are in college. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each option you have before you select one. A common question that we hear at interviews is ‘What makes you think you are right for the job?’ To answer the question you must know what the job entails and how does it match to your skills and requirements. The same is true for freelancing, before you decide to take it up you must know whether it is the right choice for you or not. In this post, I have listed some points that will help you figure out the answer for the same.

Full time or part time

There are two types of freelancing work that you can undertake full time or part time. Full time freelancing means that you don’t take up a regular job and fully concentrate on freelancing. Part time freelancing is when you keep your regular job but also do some freelancing work as a source of extra income. You need to think carefully about which option you choose from. Keep in mind that no employer will like it if you do your freelancing jobs in regular working hours. Can you give enough time for both jobs is the prime question you need to answer when think about taking up part time freelancing.

Can you stay alone and work

Freelancing means that you have to work alone for 99% of the time. All the brainstorming that you need will have to be done by you. You will not have anybody ‘assisting’ or ‘helping ‘you in completing the work, or doing the marketing or gather data and equipment.  Most of the time freelancers don’t even have a regular office space. Therefore, think if you are up to doing all the work yourself.

You are OK with irregular income

Freelancing does not guarantee you regular income at any times. Income will depend on the assignment that you are working on currently. There might even be a gap between the assignments during which you will not have any income. So you will have to learn to save judiciously for a rainy day and also plan your expenditures.

You want to try new things and learn new skills

If you want to try out new things and learn new skills, then freelancing is the right job for you. Each job will get you a different and unique kind of experience, which will broaden your horizons. You will get a chance to learn new skills of your interest at your own time.

You stay at a remote location

Freelancing is a perfect career option for those who live in remote locations or have not been to find the correct job matching their skills in the area, which they live in. Sometimes commuting to the workplace might be a problem and in such cases, freelancing is a perfect choice.
Because even from a remote location you can easily have a global, reach when freelancing. You will get to choose your own assignments and make your own schedule, which is perfect for working from home.

You want more ‘me’ and family time

For whatever reasons if you feel that you need to give more family time or me time then freelancing might be just the option that you need. Since you will be working at your own pace with no unnecessary stress or pressure, you can give as much time as you want to your near and dear ones.

You love challenges

If you love new challenges then freelancing the way to go!  Each job that you take will bring you new challenges that will make you want to learn more and be the best of the best. These challenges can be in terms of time, research or output etc. and you will take pride in completing each one of them.

Working remote and benefits

Over 43 million people in this works have taken the advantage of working remotely from their homes or other locations. 21st century has seen a revolution in remote working which many people thought was impossible. Of course technological development has contributed in a great way to this revolution but mainly it has been because of the many advantages or benefits that it has.

What is working remotely?

You will be working remotely if you are working away from your employers business place. Even if you are in the next block it is still working remotely. Working remotely largely happens over computers and internet.

Working remotely should not be confused with freelancing though. You are freelancing when you are not working for a particular employer but choosing the projects you want to work on whereas in working remotely you can be working for a particular employer or freelancing.

There are many reasons on why working remote is fast gaining popularity. Let us take a look at the most popular benefits of working remotely:

More family time:  Around 51% of people who were working remotely have confirmed that they get more family time. The flexible working hours and the time saved in commuting gives them more time to concentrate on their children, spouses and relatives and be more involved in family activities. A better work and life balance is good for your own well being too.

Better productivity: Both the employers and the employees will confirm the fact that the ability to work remotely gives better productivity. This has also enables the employers to post a better retention. Also working remotely you can concentrate more on the job because there are no unnecessary distractions, not surprise meetings and no cooler talks. One more factor that contributes to increased productivity is the need of remote works to prove them because they are not present in office.

Less Stress: When you work remotely, you are subjected to less stress than the regular office environment. There are a number of factors that contribute to this; the first once is the reduction of commuting stress, secondly there is a reduction of stress from peers and thirdly there is a reduction of stress caused due to extra activities.

More earnings: This may sound a little strange to you but working remotely does save you a lot of money. You get to work in the environment that you are comfortable in and therefore you work more, which means more earnings. You save money on commuting and other small expenses that you may incur during traveling to and fro from office.

Remote working also benefits the employers because they do not have to invest in office space, heating costs, security, transports etc.

Better for the environment: Working remotely decreases the net CO2 emission. Telepresence, paper less working, less emissions from the building all contribute to reducing the CO2 emission in the environment. Therefore, by working in the remote office you are contributing to making the world a better place to live in.

Flexibility: The most popular benefit of working remotely is the amount of flexibility that you get when working. Most employers are not concerned with the timings you keep as long as you turn in your work in time and do it correctly. You can set up your own work timings. This also helps cuts down on absent employees in the organization. Flexible working hours also mean that leave planning becomes easier.

Working remotely is a win-win situation for both the parties and it definitely makes more sense than opening a new office in the world of today. All you need a laptop, the adequate skills and the willingness to try something new to make a success of it.