Keeping in touch with your clients even after completion of the project

It is easy to keep in touch in today’s world. There are more ways to be in touch than to be away, from people. So why not continue association with someone who has employed you for some time? It is important to keep in touch with past employers. Especially for freelancers who have been on a project for a longer period of time, say six months.

To find ways to be in touch is not difficult. There are ample opportunities that present itself for such a situation. Freelancers can take this opportunity to inform clients about the new things they have learnt. They may also talk about some prestigious projects undertaken. Talking about your achievements will create a positive picture in the minds of the client about you.

After completing a job well, don’t you think that your earlier employers should know what you are up to? You may update them in many ways. One such way is to occasionally give a courtesy call to the employer. You may have a casual chat with the contact point and inform him about what you are up to. You may also update him a bout you latest achievements.

There are networking sites like LinkedIn where you could update your latest projects, learning, interests etc. This gives you visibility. Not only past employers but also future recruiters who are looking for people who have talents like yours, are able to see your work profile.

If you have a website that publishes your work, you have visibility in the web as well. You may promote your website on social network sites. There are ways to advertise your work well. News letters can be a medium through which you may publicize your work. It is used by many to keep the clients updated on their work profile use this mode.

Well, that said, why is it important to be in touch? Keeping touch can be a follow up of what has transpired earlier. Hence, it need not necessarily be on work related matter and meetings. It can be a regular exercise you do, to exchange information or ideas or just casual chat. It further leads to more work from potential clients who were also past employers.

Always remember to appreciate the client for giving you an opportunity. This is another strategy that could earn you brownies. Clients will appreciate that you remembered them. Sending them a New Year gift or a Christmas gift as a token of appreciation will have an impact on their view about you and how you maintain professional relationships.

Remember to invite your clients to promotional events that you are participating in. This could be in the form of a trade meeting or a community event that you are using as a platform to promote your skills or product. The clients will have an opportunity to attend the event and also view some interesting products and promoters as well. This way you are extending good will to both the client and others around.

Sponsorship of events is another way to promote your business. While clients may have sponsorship requirements, you may take up this opportunity to meet more people from the client’s side as well as other participants who might be interested in your work.

While all the above are mandatory, there is no comparison to the occasional face to face meeting that you might want to have with the client. This may not be a true professional meeting, but these meetings could turn out to be great relationship building exercise that will benefit both parties. You could deliver some important facts and figures while you are at it. This could make you an integral part of your client’s contact list.

Refer your clients to prospective business contacts as well. This way you are opening up another channel for mutual help. The client may also appreciate the fact that you are extending support to them. Refer good people to them who might be of mutual help. Remember, what goes around come around. You never know when you will get a similar help from people you have been in business with.

Ultimately, it is these small gestures that will pave way for greater things to happen in future. All individuals great or small will reciprocate the good will shown to them. The results may turn out to be amazing experiences that one can never forget. Or they may just promote your work and business to higher levels ensuring your success.

Points to remember – for the first time freelancer

A person who does freelancing for the first time may go through many emotions and decision making tendencies. It is alright to try freelancing even if you have a regular work. The key is in the passion one has to pursue his or her interests. If the freelancer has a passion for the work he is involved in, he may see success very soon.

Combined with passion is the enthusiasm to get work and do the same effectively. Enthusiasm sparks creativity as well. So another most important trait required for a first time freelancer is enthusiasm to follow through and get work done.

Self discipline is another trait most people need to work on. For a freelancer this is essential as he is not reporting to anyone while at work. So he has to be on time for work, continue to work for the stipulated hours and bring out results with out supervision.

Balancing both personal front and professional front is a challenge that first timers face, it is important to k now how to balance your personal and professional life, especially when you do not travel out of home for work.

Money management is difficult for a first timer, unless the experience is good. So be lenient and learn the ropes of freelancing before you demand great rewards. There may be too much competition around. But cleverness does not pay for the first timer, as you will have to work and prove yourself.

Look at the community near you. You may find initial opportunities coming in from there. This community will help you in your professional and will also demand something in return. So go ahead and be a part of the mutually helpful community that you live in. Market yourself in your community by joining in for other voluntary efforts and you will be popular. Popularity instantly earns you the rewards, and people might just start referring you for more work.

Create portfolios that will help you reach other once you are established. Web pages or even good advertisements will earn you a lot of exposure. Let us not even mention the benefits if word of mouth publicity. Money should be the last criteria when you freelance. Charge less in the beginning. Once you get to be the expert you may quote your prices and be confident that you will for sure be successful.

Ongoing contracts may have a few lessons to offer. Try to learn as much as possible from your assignments. Once the learning is over, the rest will follow in line. But do not have too many to do in one go. If you are doing one project, give your complete attention to it. Distractions affect the quality of work. So, if you are a part-timer and want to freelance as well, be sure to deliver to the best of your abilities.

Freelancers need to be brave. There are times when you will not have any project in hand. You may be constantly looking for a job. Other times you will have your days full with work. Both ways are dreadful and hence one has to prepare for extreme eventualities. Be prepared to work hard when there is lot of work coming your way. And have a strong emotional capability to handle days when projects are not so forthcoming.

Another factor that you will not have control over is what the client will say about you. Some may give a positive feedback and some may not. As a first timer try to remember that your reaction also matters. So accept criticism and move on. Where the positives are said, appreciate, and thank the client.

Keep in mind that your skills have to speak louder than your voice. Hence, concentrate on doing a better job each time. Big companies will give you more exposure. Be sure to charge them fairly. Big companies can also cause you losses, if they do not like your work.

Learn to handle competition that exists among freelancers. Your networking skills will help you here. Improve your entrepreneurial skills and you will be able to go a long way.

The factors mentioned above are the major challenges a freelancer is bound to face while at work. But as your experience increases, you may have to overcome more and more challenges on the personal front. This may be in the form of health issues, or owning your business, hiring people and expanding your horizons. On the professional front, some of the challenges pertaining to knowledge will grow less as you will be an expert as time flies. Let me wish you a good time ahead!

What should be your goal when you decide to freelance

What most freelancers forget to think about, when they decide to freelance is what goal should they set for themselves? Starting to work without a definite goal in mind will only lead to certain confusion, especially once the project is half way through.

First of all, goals ensure that the project is on the right track. Combine it with the right effort and you will achieve success in what you do.

To make an out line of what your goal is the first step in successfully completing the project. Once you land a project ensure that you are you have a clear idea about the content, the delivery schedules and the amount of work that will go in, to complete the project. Once that is done plan out each detail so that you don’t encounter surprises on the way.

Delivering the responsibilities well is another important factor in goal setting. Factor out SMART goals to measure and attain relevant goals. Bind then with specific and time bound vision and success is sure to follow! Further, focus on building on achievements such that you can quantify your work. Focus on achievements is yet another method in goal setting for a successful career in writing.

Apart from the above, one needs to also take into account how freelancing affects your lifestyle. Does your job allow you to have ample time with your family? Do you get enough space for yourself? Are you able to pursue your interests whatever is important to you?

Once you ponder on these questions, you will know where and how you need to scale up. Development of oneself as an individual is an important goal and this is as important as the work you are doing. You might be an achiever as far as your freelancing work is concerned but you need to have balance and all round development in life to ensure that you stay fit for the long run.

Another goal that needs focus in the freelancing arena is on the income you earn. Now, this depends solely on the individual and most times income seems important for survival. One has to work his way up to earn the income he has in mind. There are quite a few factors that are not in our control, where income is concerned. One can line up enough work to meet the income goals. But creative and good quality projects only qualify for better income or remuneration. Thus, income generation is significant with to goals related to improvement in output quality.

How do you manage your writing business? Most freelancers are in a difficult situation as far as managing their business is concerned. While you are the singular person managing your business, ensure that you are in the right track by setting relevant goals. Focus on your strengths thus enhancing your specialty and talent.

Priority deadlines need to be in the spotlight to manage your writing business effectively. Knowing what to zoom in on is important. Enhancing visibility is another aspect of goal setting. Your vision can lead you to greater opportunities.

Staying positive about your work is a goal that is set internally. Having a contract or agreement which is clear and concise will act as a foundation for your business. The goals set in earlier contracts can be redrafted to suit your current goals and requirements

Identify mentors and trainers to develop your talents. Having a mentor ensures availability of guidance to set a correct track for new and more advanced goals. Training is a requisite that will bring talent to the next level. Hence, it is important to identify mentors and trainers to improve your business and goals.

We now move on to the personal life of a freelancer. To achieve your goals on having a good personal life and to balance your career as a successful freelancer, one has to work on oneself. Self development to suit your work patterns and need should be high on the list of goals. Stream lining helps to achieve work life balance. Never let your duties sap your energy or make you fall sick. Balance your life to ensure more productivity. This is a skill which will last life long if polished. Set short term goals and then make long term solid goals to reach your destination.

Goals need writing down and have a look at them each time you sit down to write. It will help you focus on what you are doing. Do not allow other thoughts to enter your mind. Write down as per the flow and you will achieve what others have not done in quite some time.

Dedication to a project as a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who does work for two relative things, one is to generate money and secondly who has an immense passion to do it.

Taking this in account, what a freelancer should ideally have to succeed is Dedication to his/her work.

Brief note on Dedication:

Dedication is an act of binding yourself to the work no matter how the situations are around you. An individual must take care of the given project as their own and also think about how the users will be benefited by the work they create and produce. While we talk about this, we in turn need to have in mind that the client’s expectations are met and put together a plan.

Steps to stay dedicated

Gathering requirements, creating a plan, setting expectations for yourself and meeting deadline are some key factors which drives you to dedicate to the work. Remember, there are a lot of people out there who has the same talent and have mastered the work as you do but the key to succeed as a freelancer is to perform the job with more perspiration, determination and interest. For instance, Java could be learnt through many websites, blogs, and videos; however the sense of learning involves dedication.

You ought to focus on your goal constantly and should aim for it unswervingly. Make sure you set your priorities right and go by it. Try to avoid taking multiple projects at one point of time. A freelancer should always embrace the opportunity given to them and persuade the job. When the opportunity given is realized the positive attitude of an individual is invoked leading to the steps of successes. Consider every chance as a stage where you can refine your skills and produce the best outcome.

Going by the saying

“Don’t ever give up.

Don’t ever give in.

Don’t ever stop trying.

Don’t ever sell out.

And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,

Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a .prayer, and start where you left off.

But never, ever, ever give up.”

One must never slip away from our ways to finish a goal. We must be steadily motivated and focus on the path of completion. This comes with involvement towards your work.

As an owner of the task you do, you need to make sure a complete work structure is maintained which will help you track the projects, budgets, client’s feedback and if possible you can even reuse some important notes. The quality of the work and the service you offer is valued at the top. Make it as a practice to serve the best out of you.

Dedication not only involves work, but also the way that you communicate to clients on time in-spite of the day to day challenges handled. You must make a schedule for the activities you do, and allocate time slot for each so that you remain devoted to what you do.

Do things right on time. make sure the work doesn’t get piled up. For example, if you get 10 jobs to work , and the deadline is two days don’t save it for the last day. Split the work in hours and get it done by one and half days and review the work you done. This kind of dedication is necessary to maintain the quality and the performance of the job.

Take some time in every day or week to organize your to do list. Make sure you sit and complete the work you start with and do not leave it behind. This will then be a burden and you will lose the concentration on the subject.

As a freelancer you take work for short term goals which helps you to keep learning and remain enthusiastic. This is the best opportunity you get to focus on the work. There are several groups which tell about dedicated people and their sacrifices which led them to heights. You must often refer to those and frame your path to succeed. Have belief in your own self.

The universal statement “Practice makes a man perfect”, it says more about hard work, dedication and the work. More you do work with dedication the more you achieve. Having talent but who does not work to put an effort will not be able to prosper, whereas the desire and the devotion you show to learn will boost your career.

Make some simple artwork in your room keeping in mind of the dedicational quotes you have come across. Create your own chart and the rules that you have framed for yourself and pin it. Every day when you feel low, go through them and rediscover your thoughts and approach. Always have in mind the goal to accomplish what you have started with.

At times rewarding ourselves for what you have done for the day helps finding out the gaps that you have missed. You will have the desire to fill in the gaps and learn more new techniques. This way of dedicating yourself to the work and not getting diverted too much makes you a better freelancer.

A popular sportsman Michael Jordan once said, “It’s my standards that make me successful, every day I demand more from myself than anybody else could humanly expect from me. I’m not competing against somebody else; I’m competing with what I am capable of” These amazing lines tells us more about the devotion he has in his oneself

If an individual understands the importance of following this as a continuous process, the progress level will increase and start to feel as an energetic sky rocket. The most important factor in creating an extraordinary quality of work is through dedication. Yet in a time of constant demands, we often neglect what we know is most important. In order to take your life to the next level, it’s crucial to make a commitment to living a more organized life.

Do You Have It In You To Make It As A Freelancer

To be our own bosses is a dream come true job everybody in the world. Most people see freelancing as a chance of working on their own time, enjoying breaks when they want, billing hours from café while sipping a cup of fresh coffee and working, taking projects which they want, skipping a day without having to apply for leave or taking permissions. But are these perks enough for you to leave your regular job and take up freelancing jobs?

The answer is a straightforward ‘no’. On the surface you might see a freelancer as a master of his/her will but in reality before giving up your full time job or choosing between freelancing and full time job you need to know think carefully about whether you have the qualities and skills needed to make it as a freelancer. There are some things which you will need to give up and some things which need to adapt to succeed as a freelancer. In this post, we will take a look at some of the things, which will help you decide whether you are up to it, or not?

Can you survive with variable income?

A freelancer’s income depends on the type of project he or she has in hand. Some months you will have many projects in hand and earn more than your average but in some months you might not have so many projects in hand and the income might not be so much. Also you will not be paid when you are on vacation or have to leave a project in midway. Therefore, think whether you can manage your finances even in slump.

Also when you are just starting your jobs you might not be paid as much as you want, therefore can you manage in the starting days?

Can you work alone?

As a freelancer you will have to work alone a lot. There will be no time for office gossips or taking help from your friends. Most of the times you will be sitting alone on the desk of your home or rented office space and working. Therefore it will be entirely up to you to make your workplace as conductive as work at you can.

Can you push yourself out of bed even when you have nowhere to go?

Most of the newbie freelancers fail because of they cannot push themselves to get out of bed because they have nowhere to go. Think about it hard whether you can pull yourself out of the bed and fix a working time for yourself when you have nowhere to go.

Can you take criticism and failure?

As a freelancer you will not get every job that you will apply for. Also sometimes it might also happen that the client will reject your work or criticize it rather harshly. You will have to take the flak alone and might have to meet very tight deadlines. Therefore ask yourself how well you can handle criticism and failure. You can take the help of your family and friends and they will be truly able to help you figure out your this nature.

Can you deal with difficult clients?

Each freelance project that you will be getting will have a different requirement and every client needs to be handled differently. Do you have any experience in handing difficult clients and do you have the ability to self-market yourself to even the pickiest of clients? These are the two questions, which you need to ask yourself before starting out as a freelancer. Remember everything including marketing, gathering the required equipment, doing research and delivering the project to the client will have to be handled by you and you alone.

When To Say No To A Client

For a freelancer the client in the most important person. The client usually has the final say in the working and completion of a project. However, it is not necessary that the client is always right or you cannot refuse to what a client wants. Many a times it happens that even when you have completed the work the client keeps asking for some ‘little’ changes or additions before making the payment. It is ok to over deliver a little but when the little accumulates to large amount of work it is the time to say no. Many freelancers keep on doing -the work from the fear that the payment will not be made or the client will not give a good reference after the job. This does happen in some cases but these situations can be easily avoided:

Use the ‘can we process the payment while I do this’ technique. Client wants some extra work? Sure, you can do it but can they process the payment first so that your invoicing can go through? This way both parties remain happy.

It is ok to say no if you have other projects: Yes, if you have other projects at hand you can say no to the client for entre work citing the same reasons. If the client values your work then maybe you can work an arrangement both can benefit from.

Say no to the client if you have even a bit of suspicion: It is completely ok to say no to the client if you have even a bit of suspicion in terms of the amount of work or payment. Remember you want to work but the work should not go waste. A client who does not want to share contact information for is not giving the clear instructions for the job then you have the right to be suspicious.

Another time which you will have to say no to the client as when the client promises more work but keeps on delaying it. As a freelancer, long periods of no earnings can lead to a serious imbalance in your budget. Therefore, if the client has promised you more work but keeps on delaying the work and the payment then it is a good idea to pick up another work and ask your previous client for payment.

Say not if the client is offering you a profit: Many start-ups are based on profit sharing basis. If the client if offering you profit sharing in place of payment then you should say no because you don’t know if the business is going to make any profit or not. Granted it make seem very lucrative to be a part of the venture but think about how are you going to track the profits, are you going to be a partner, and how long the profit sharing will go on.

Say not o prospective clients if they are friends or family members: Working for friends and family members can be very stressful for both parties. For you, as a freelancer, there is an added pressure to perform extremely well and at a ‘reasonable price’. For the client it is to convey their review without hurting your feelings. You don’t have to say a direct no, instead use sentences like ‘I am too busy with other projects but I can refer you to xyz person who will be able to do it better’ or ‘I don’t like mixing business with family’ etc.

Say no if you are bulldozed in doing work for charity: Doing work for charity is a good thing if you have volunteered for it. If you are being bulldozed, (by making you feel guilty or appearing to your good nature) and the charity work is going to set you back then say no.

Freelancing On A Shoestring Budget Made Easy With Following Tips

‘We might come closer to balancing the budget if all of us lived closer to the Commandments and the Golden Rule’ – Ronald Regan

In my last post about the importance of budgeting, we discussed about why it is important for all freelancers to maintain a budget at all times. The unpredictable payment structure of your job as a freelancer will not let you have a fixed budget for every month of the year and there will times when you might be operating on a shoestring budget. In this post, we will discuss about some easy tips, which you can use to make a budget that will help you sail through difficult times without having to give up your freelancing dream.

Be realistic

The first thing to do when making your budget is to be realistic. Take the help of online budgeting tools or sit down with pen and paper and calculate your expenditure/ income ratio for the past one year. The easiest way to do that is to divide your income by 12 to find out the average income. For expenditure check your bank balance for the last year and calculate. Once you have the expenditure/income ratio, (which ideally should be less than one) then multiply is by ¾ and this should be your aim for the next year.

Most people tend be overshoot a bit when making the budget because they see the large picture with big amount of money. This is where you have to rein yourself, and make a budget, which looks achievable.

Fix a salary for yourself

This is my secret of budgeting and maintaining the budget at all the times. I have two bank accounts, one in which all the payments come in and the other which is my personal account. At the beginning of each month, I give myself a fixed salary and leave the rest of the amount in the other account. I have been following this practice for two years and have found out that I actually end up saving more than my budget indicated. My monthly budget is then based on the fixed salary that I get.

Ditch the credit cards

Credit cards are easy to carry and use but they can also be the greatest sources of factors that can upset your budget. The ‘buy now pay later policy’ can be quite misleading as you often end up paying more in terms of interests and fees. Therefore, ditch the credit cards when you are working on a shoestring budgets and pay only by cash. This way you will know exactly what you spent and how much you have left with you.

Create an emergency fund

‘Forearmed is forewarned.’ Every budget should have an emergency fund over and above the personal and business accounts. Set aside some money to spend in emergencies such as hospitals, broken computers, extra equipment etc. You can cut down on your monthly expense budget but on no account you should cut down on the emergency fund budget. Keep the emergency funds at a place where you can access the easily.

An emergency fund is the money that you can bank on to keep you afloat during the months in which you are looking for new jobs or have taken a break from working.

Be prudent in spending and bargain wherever you can

Of course, the first rule is that you should not buy what you need. However when you are out shopping for things that you do need, it will not hurt to be prudent in your spending. Check online and newspapers for deals and sales at various stores before you go shopping. You can always bargain for things from the local shop. Before going shopping make a list and stick to it. In fact, if you can take only amount of money that you will need so that you don’t end up buying anything else.

Operating on a budget needs some practice but if you follow through then by the end of six months you will be surprised to see the amount of saving you have.


Things A Freelancer Should Never Say To A Client

The best part about being a freelancer is that you gain a kind of experience that a regular job. You get to meet a number of people, you get to work on a variety of projects and expand your horizons. However, you also will have to learn how to deal with different kinds of people and learn to adapt yourself to the project demand. Of course, not everything is perfect every time and you will make mistakes sometimes but you can always learn from them.

Here is my list of things, which you should never say to a client:

I will submit the work later: Deadlines are deadlines and a freelancer is always expected to follow them. Even if you want an extended deadline then let the client know about it well in advance. Also instead of using the word ‘later’ give a definite time frame for example will submit by xyz date etc.

Sorry for not replying sooner: When a client hires you for a project he/she expects to be communicated with regularly with the progress of the project. The client is not going to be happy with a freelancer who takes up a project and then vanishes to reappear with completed project within the give deadline. As a freelancer make sure that you reply to client emails/phone calls as soon as possible.

I have given you a discount: When you are starting as a freelancer you might be tempted to give ‘discount’ to clients in order to get work. This is a wrong word to use. When you tell a client that you have given them discounts they immediately think that you overcharged them and now giving the actual price. Do not give ‘discounts’ when not asked for. If the client persists then you can may be negotiate a little.

I know a better way to do this: Nobody and with it I mean not even you as a freelancer would like to be told a better way to do your job and that the other way is better. The same goes for the client. Don’t tell the client a better way to do his job. You can talk about the particular section of project that you are working on but unless asked don’t try to turn into a business advisor.

Thnx, OMG, u, hey, and other text language: Keep things professional at all times. Email should be responded to in the correct manner and with correct spellings. I have had some freelancers working for me who did not even bother to spell my name right or took the liberty to shorten my name. Needless to say I did not work with them again. The way you write your email or letters or take the phone calls says a lot about your professionalism. Avoid the text language and use proper words.

I have made some changes to make it look better: Every client loves an enthusiastic freelancer. But to present the client with a completed work very different from what he/she asked for is a completely different thing. Knowing that the freelancer has changed the final work will not make your client happy. Get a green signal from the client before making any changes. There will some core things in a project that the client will not want to change.

I can do it: I admit I am guilty of using this sentient. I have said to a client that I can do the project even though I had no idea how to go about it. I was able to do the project but it involved a lot of extra work on my part. Don’t say yes to things, which you don’t know about.

20 Must Have Skills As A Freelancer

There has been a rise in the number of people who are opting to work as a freelancer. One of the biggest advantages that many people see is the flexibility in working that they can avail. Freelancing basically means that that you work independently on short and long-term projects for a fixed payment. However, with so many people opting for the freelancing jobs the competition has increased an in order to make sure that you stay on the top you have to have the extra edge over others.

Here is a list of the top must have skills as a freelancer that you need to keep in mind and implement:

1.    Learn the tricks of the trade: Nobody wants to hire a freelancer who does not know the tricks of his/her trade. If you are a freelance salesperson then you must know all about the product you are selling. You must also develop your skill as a salesperson i.e. develops the interpersonal skills.

2.    Be adaptive: As a freelancer, you must learn to be adaptive. You will have to mold your work according to client requirements. You might even have to adjust your timings and workdays according to the client’s need.

3.    Be patient: Another important skill that a freelancer must possess is to be patient at all times. When you are working with somebody on a contractual basis, you have to be very patient in understanding the needs. Also patience is a virtue, which will come in handy when you are applying for jobs.

4.    Be confident: As a freelancer one of your biggest assets is your confidence. You will need to be confident when you are interacting with new clients so that they believe in your work.

5.    Learn the importance of time: The most important skill that every freelancer must cultivate and follow is the art of being punctual. If you cannot deliver the right product on time then you will easily lose the client trust and mar your reputation forever.

6.    Be competitive: The key to being successful in freelancing is that you remain competitive at all times. If you are competitive you will remain in limelight always and clients will pay attention to you.

7.    Be firm: Most of the freelancers lose their credibility when they are not firm with the conditions of the job. If you have agreed to paint a mural on a particular wall then make sure that that is the wall, you work on and give it your best.

8.    Learn to Observe: A good freelancer learns how to observe thing around them and take inspiration from them.  This skill helps them keep up with the latest things and further their career as a successful freelancer.

9.    Self-Motivation: Another important skill that you must develop is self-motivation. In a regular office there will be somebody standing on your head to get the work done. But as a freelancer you have to be self-motivated to deliver your work.

10.    Reliability: To convince a client that you are worthy of more jobs from them you have to prove that you are reliable at all times. Being reliable is one of the skills, which is a combination of self-motivation and respect for timing.

11.    Discipline: Maintaining discipline at all time is not an easy task but being disciplined at all times is a skill, which you would need to stick to at all, times.

12.    Organization:  A freelancer should have excellent organizational skills. This will help keep track of work, get new work and balance the payments. It will also help you save a lot of time.

13.    Communication: As a freelancer you will be working independently and therefore your communication skill (both written and verbal) should be top notch. This skill will not only help you land new jobs but also convince your clients that you are on the job.

14.    Willing to learn new skills: The list of skills is never ending and in order to broaden your horizons you should be willing to learn new skills at all the times. This will show the clients that you are committed to the job.

15.    Recognize the flaws: Be prepared to admit and recognize your flaws. This will help you in avoiding mistakes and pitfalls and help increase your strengths.

16.    Learn to handle failure and criticism: Being thorough with your work and applying many jobs does not mean that you will get every job you apply for and every job that you submit will turn out to be perfect. Therefore, learn how to handle failure and criticism so that you can recover quickly and move on.

17.    Idea generation: Another skill, which is an asset to a freelancer, is idea generation. New ideas regarding the ways of doing work or increasing efficiency will be always welcome with everybody.

18.    Open to try new things: A freelancer should be open to try new things at all times because no two jobs are ever the same.

19.    Email skills: Keeping up with simple technological skills such as writing engaging emails is a skill that will come in handy to every freelancer. The world is fast moving to a paperless office and you need to keep pace with it.

20.    Versatility: Versatility is a skill that many freelancers tend to ignore. But in fact it is a skill, which will help you a lot if you are looking for a long-term career as a freelancer. As the famous saying goes ‘Don’t put all your money at a single place’, it goes true for freelancing jobs. For example as a freelance writer don’t limit yourself to blog writing only but also try out website content, article writing etc.