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A writer’s block is something which every writer faces one time or the other. There will be times when you might not have anything to write about and just keep sitting on front of the computer or the notepad and nothing will come to your mind. You might start worrying whether you will always have something to write about or not. Don’t worry there are plenty of things and topics in the world to write about and a writer’s block is a very common thing. The simple answer to the question: will you always have enough to write about? Is yes, provided you know what you are writing about. We just don’t mean the topic, we mean an in depth knowledge and understanding of the subject you are writing about. Remember knowledge and understanding are two different things and both complement each other. The easiest way to make sure that a writer always has something to write about is to keep the three Rs in mind: Read, Research and Reflect. If you have mastered these three Rs then you will not have to ask the above question.


As we have said before in all of our previous posts ‘a well-read blogger is a well-read blogger’ this means that, a blogger whose blog is well read is a blogger whose blogs are widely read. Therefore, set some time aside to read. Read books, newspapers, other blogs, magazines and basically anything you can lay your hand on to increase your understanding of things. Don’t be afraid to have your own view points and make them known. Every reader appreciates a different point of view. Reading other blogs can be a great advantage for any writer. It will give you an insight of designs, layouts, content, keywords, advertisements, SEO, RSS feed, Permalink, ease of navigation etc. that will help you build your own blog. In our next post in this segment, we will discuss in great detail about the same.


In our part II of the expert blogger post, we talked in detail about the important and use of research for a blogger. Your research will include the reach of your blog, what other are reading and what you need to get started. Research does not happen in a day, it takes time and like reading, it is a continuous process. Needless to say, your research will be based on your readings. One important thing to keep in mind when reading and researching is to not to be bogged down by the amount of information that will be deflected to you.


Once you feel that you are done researching and you have read up as much as you can, it is then time to reflect on your finding. Take this time to think in depth about what exactly do you want and will you achieve this by writing on the topic or the niche that you have selected. I find that the best way to do this is by sitting alone in front of a laptop or with your notepad and carefully jotting down things that come to your mind. This way it will be easier to draw order to chaos. Write about at least 20 post topics in your niche to get you started. Most writers have told me that most difficult thing to do is to think of a topic. If you have a topic in front of you then things become easier. Remember it is what you read and research that reflects in your writing.

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