Creativity – a freelancer’s path to success

Creativity is an art. The way you project yourselves on the things you handle in everyday life to the tasks you do requires creativity. Its the key criterion to compete and remain successful in freelancing career.

Creativity comes along with experiences. There are many ways to be creative, to get new clients or to make better use of equipment and office space.

Some tips include using a different device like ipad or a computer to split the work you do just watching tv or can be to upgrade an existing system if you can’t afford a new one. Recreate the area where you work, keep changing the screen or paintings rent a different place to work,working along with tour group of friends once in awhile. Marketing yourself also shows how creativity you are. Make variety of cards to let your friends and relatives know the services you offer so that they could depend on a reliable person instead of a stranger.

The options are many, all you need is to try think a bit out of the box.

These examples help you grow as a freelancer.

Having known the inspirational quote of Pablo Picasso,

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

We should stick to the creativeness we own. At every moment one must remember to be unique. There are many people who can do the same repetitive task with training. To make a difference as a freelancer and to be the first pick for the people outside, the art must be mastered.Never lose the uniqueness.

Give customers gift

To attract customers and to succeed in business you must use creative approaches. One such would be gifting your regular customers.The market trends keep changing with time and is often difficult to meet the customers expectations. Offer free services every now and then. This will help retain your customers for the second and third time.Send them your brochures along with goodies on special occasions . in big companies they have people to monitor and do these but as a freelancer it’s your responsibility to track your customers. When You feel low and when the number of clients are getting less these techniques help you boost your freelancing career.Use your fantasy and implement these things into your business plan. Make customers want to come back and you will have the best possible chance to survive.


Own a website or a blog and keep updating your recent work. This will increase the number of readers visiting your site.Giving something extra to the visitors on your website always is a good thing. As a freelance blogger help people with tips that can help them gain more hits. Gift a new member who joins in your portal. Conduct quizzes more often. This helps you get more contacts with the interaction you do.Post some useful suggestions on how are to present a particular information. This will potentially give more clients for you.

Treating your clients

Clients are more valuable for one to be successful. Giving existing customers good offers as mentioned in the previous tip is important. But remember to be service minded.Maintain your limits to satisfy the customers. The attention you pay to the customer is important it will make him feel he is important and make him more loyal. Use positive language when you talk or write to him. Remember to let him know that his feedback is always appreciated. That way you can keep making your services more and more attractive and get happier clients. Don’t forget that existing clients can be the best advertising you ever get!


In Order to become a successful freelancer getting feedback is critical. You can ask your friends or family to improve the services you provide.Not only should you have comments enabled on your website for feedback but should remember that you work towards to achieve it. . Most important of all, every time when you have finished your project – ask the client what he thinks.This attitude makes your client feel the client important. Getting someone else’s opinion is always good and this will help you to become even more successful and have a fresh mind.Having a fresh perspective of doing things is always essential to succeed. when your share your thoughts and ideas it will kindle the thoughts of others as well and hence the combined result based on these ideas help you provide a better product.

Steve jobs has given to us a wonderful quote based on this synthesizing which leads to an amazing creative product which is ,

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.”

Take the time you need!

At the early stage of taking a work, we might be very enthusiastic to execute but as time goes we might lose the interest to perform. Its our responsibility to stay motivated and give a better service to the client as promised. Don’t compromise yourself to postpone any job you take. Its creativity which makes you do things better. When you get a task or commit yourself to take a job make sure you give the timeline to yourself.This not only helps you to complete the work but you will have ample space to think about the task the ways to implement it, the enhancements you can do while working on this.

You need to have a strong impression created that each days work is not dragged to the next.

This is so important, it can’t be mentioned enough. Same as with the tip about learning to say no.

A successful freelancer is one who manages time and handle the project effectively. Reputation matters for a freelancer. Make sure your clients don’t go to anyone else other than you.

Hope these tips helped you to bring back the creativeness!

Get Freelancing Jobs Using Your Social Connections

Love it or hate it social connections are a key to success to every business. By social connections, we mean both physical and online social connections. Online social connections are popularly known as social media connections.

Even the person that you befriend on the train ride becomes the part of your social connection. Social connections are a part of your everyday life. As an established or starting freelancer, you can easily utilize you social connections to get great jobs. In this article, we will take a brief look at the type of people you should connect with how you can use those connections for your benefit.

Family: Your family can help you further a career by putting in a good word about your freelancing career. It is always a good idea to keep your family in loop with your freelancing work. They will be able to give you their honest and true opinion.

Friends: The kind of support and recommendation that your friend can provide you is something, which you will not get anywhere. Friends of your friends are more likely to trust you if they know that you have a common connection.

Current and former co-workers: Your co-workers already know your work and therefore they can give you a good recommendation based on their experience. Many of them may move to a position where they might require your freelancing skills. Networking with current freelancer gives you a platform to share your doubts and feelings with people who are or have been in the same situation. You can discuss projects with your co-workers and even join forces for new projects.

Clients: If your current and former clients are happy with your work they will always consider you for the new jobs you have. My last two freelancing jobs were originally intended to be two months projects but the client extended the projects for one year because my work was good. Keeping in social touch with your former and current clients will help you make a solid base for future projects.

Teachers and Professors: Open your old class yearbook and get in touch with your schoolteachers and college professors. It will be interesting to learn what they have been up to. Most of them might have some kind of freelancing jobs that might suit you.

Local Businesses: Every local business is always looking for ways to increase their business and your freelancing skills can be of their help. But you have to go to them and interact on various social levels to get them to send some business your way. You can also learn a lot from them in way how they run their business.

Prospective clients: You cannot sit hand on hand waiting for jobs to come to you. You might know the prospective clients today but in the future you can develop long term connects with them. It is always a good idea to initiate a conversation either physically or through social media. You can strike up conversations by commenting on their posts, blogs etc. and following them on twitter.

The more you network, the more are the chances of you being able to make your presence known. You must make a dedicated effort to join forums that appeal to your interest. Make it known that you are interested in taking new jobs. Don’t be afraid to let your skills be known to the world. People tend to hire those freelancers you have confidence in their work and skills.

However, there are some points, which you must keep in mind when interacting over social media. Be careful about how much information you are giving out. Do not be too persistent. Remember you want to make your presence known but do now want to overwhelm everybody.